10 Healthy Goals You Can Achieve This Summer

10 Healthy Goals You Can Achieve This Summer

Summer is upon us; why not become goal-oriented and start creating goals of what you could potentially accomplish with your life in the next three months. When you do this, you prevent frustration later in life when you might look back and say, “I really didn’t do anything with my life!” (Enough people, unfortunately, end up doing this!)

Make your goals yours

Your goals could take a number of directions and each goal you take must be unique to you. Only you know the direction of your life, and what your innermost desires are, you can select activities that will support them.

For example, let’s say you want to eventually become a health care provider. Can you find a health care provider to shadow for a few hours every month? The knowledge you will learn during those few hours will help you tremendously in your career down the road. Plus, you’ll be interesting to talk to.

Maybe you like gardening. Are there any botanical gardens you could take a day trip to see? You never know where any of these activities may lead you. In some cases, a day trip that a child takes becomes the foundation for what a child determines he or she will do for life.

10 fun goals that will make life worth living 

With all this in mind, here are 10 possible new goals you could strive for and achieve this summer:

  1. Take a home repair course, or attend classes at the local Home Depot stores. As an extra bonus, who knows – you may meet someone who knows how to do home repairs and marry him in a few years!
  2. Start a walking program at the mall or outdoors at a park in your neighborhood. If you’re walking at the mall, you’ll always be the first amongst your friends who will know the latest fashions. If you’re walking outdoors at the park, you’re also boosting your vitamin D levels naturally.
  3. Host a party for your friends. When was the last time you threw a party? Let’s face it, we are all getting older and it’s parties that many people will remember. You bond to people stronger via parties. Maybe you could think outside the box and throw a theme party, such as a Star Wars party or a Celebrity party where guests have to dress in costume or bring a Star Wars/Celebrity type of item with them to the party.
  4. Take 6 cooking classes. Six cooking classes may sound like too many, but you need more than one type of cooking class if you are going to make the goal count towards a transformation. One cooking class could be on cooking with herbs; another could be cooking with wine. Others might be how to make sauerkraut, how to make fermented vegetables, how to make ice cream, how to juice fruits and vegetables, how to make stir fry dishes, and how to make truffles. There are numerous options and they are all local.
  5. Start learning about solar energy. You might even decide to install solar energy on your home.
  6. Start a 90-day workout to build muscle mass. This will last the whole summer long, and each month you will see drastic changes. The good thing to know is that you can do this in only 3 hours a week.
  7. Try an alternative form of healing to heal your ills. It could be acupuncture, Bowen Method, Feldenkrais, chiropractic or reflexology.
  8. Learn about essential oils and begin using them.
  9. Get a massage every 2 weeks. Massages soothe muscle pain and promote relaxation. 
  10. Learn a new form of relaxation. Options include various forms of meditation, yoga, tai chi, exercise or maybe just reading in a quiet spot. Figure out what helps you relax the most. 

By setting goals and following through on them, you are continually transforming your life. You only have to set short goals of one to three months at a time to make them work for you. Goals do make your life fun.


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