10 Herbs That Boost Your Love Life Naturally

10 Herbs That Boost Your Love Life Naturally

If your libido is down and your love life is suffering, don’t panic. Your relationship need not be in jeopardy. These herbs from around the world are renowned for their powers to get you back in the mood and performing your best.

  1. Damiana: The Mayans and Aztecs used this herb to rejuvenate their body and soul. It replenishes stamina and is thought to help regulate female hormones.

  2. Gingko Biloba: In Chinese medicine, Ginkgo Biloba has been used for thousands of years. It helps increase blood flow, both to the brain and other regions.

  3. Ashwagandha Root: Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, this herb not only helps to stimulate sex drive, but also increases blood flow to sexual organs. Such is its potency, that it was mentioned in the Kama Sutra. By decreasing stress and regulating hormones, ashwagandha also fosters fertility.

  4. Yohimbe Bark: This bark hails from an evergreen tree in the Congo region of Africa. It helps with erectile dysfunction, energy and even weight loss. (Another benefit is that it interferes only minimally with other medications.)

  5. Cardamom: It has long been thought of as an aphrodisiac and a cure for impotency. A bonus quality is that chewing the seeds help to freshen the breath. These delicious pods of flavor can be added to tea, or enliven stews and curries.

  6. Panax Ginseng: This ginseng from Asia has long been believed to help with various elements of sexual dysfunction. It stimulates the male sex glands and increases energy. 

  7. Maca: Also known as “Peruvian Ginseng,” this herb is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is thought to help balance hormones, foster stamina, and increase libido in men and women. You can buy either maca powder which can be added to food, or capsules.

  8. Tribulus Terrestris: This strange-sounding herb has been used for centuries in many forms of traditional medicine around the world. The Turks used it to lower their blood pressure, while Bulgarians used it to foster athletic performance. It is particularly useful for regulating testosterone. As a bonus, it’s also a great aphrodisiac.

  9. Horny Goat Weed: Horny Goat Weed reportedly gets its name after goats were noticeably filled with passionate energy after eating a specific weed. In Chinese medicine it has long been used to help with erectile dysfunction. Both men and women with low libido can benefit from the stimulating properties of horny goat weed.

  10. Saw Palmetto: Native Americans used this plant for a variety of problems related to reproductive health. These days it is perhaps most renowned and useful for older men suffering from prostate health issues.

This list is just a starting point. If you’re interested in using herbal supplements to boost your sex life, you’ve still got some homework to do. Conduct further research on the herbs you are interested in trying and consult with a professional herbalist or alternative healer to learn how to use these herbs properly. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any of these supplements, and to rule out any current physical or psychological conditions, which may be affecting your sexual health.

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