Mercury Toxicity

Mercury Toxicity

You may have heard the warning about high levels of mercury in fish, especially tuna. But do you know why mercury is so bad for you? What does mercury do to the body in high amounts?

Where is mercury found?

Believe it or not, Mercury can be found in some common everyday items that you would least expect it in. Let’s take hemorrhoidal preparations for example. Who would suspect that mercury would be an ingredient? Knowing this, it makes you wonder what the companies that use mercury in these preparations are thinking.

Hemorrhoids are usually bleeding, which is what drives people to get a preparation in the first place. By putting the hemorrhoidal preparation on the open area, the mercury then has the chance to get directly into the bloodstream and begin to accumulate.

Mercury is also found in skin lightening agents and dental amalgams. No matter what you hear from your dentist on the safety of amalgams, the fact is that dental amalgams do break down and the mercury can end up in high amounts in your body’s tissues. Interestingly, the California Department of Health reports a warning on its fact sheet that is supposed to be distributed to all dentist patients. Yet, how many people can say that they were ever aware of this fact sheet?

Mercury is also found in some fertilizers, as a byproduct of paper and pulp and gold industries. Thermometers, batteries and electrodes contain mercury, and some men’s hair dyes have been found to be astonishingly high in this toxic element. Notably, it’s the darkest dyes that contain the mercury. Some Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs may also be found to be high in mercury.

What does mercury do to the body?

Below is a list of 10 things that mercury does to body if it starts to accumulate in high amounts:

  1. Mercury can cause depression.
  2. High levels of mercury can cause worsening vision.
  3. High levels of mercury could be related to worsening hearing and hearing loss.
  4. High levels of mercury are related to emotional instability and mental disorders.
  5. High mercury levels can interfere with your thinking and cause you to be forgetful and/or cause you to not think clearly. The classic example of mercury poisoning is in the movie Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter developed mercury poisoning in this story because he used mercury in his business of making hats.
  6. Peripheral neuropathy – a symptom that many diabetics feel – could result from levels of mercury that are too high. This is a symptom where someone is walking but doesn’t feel where their legs or feet are in space.
  7. High levels of mercury could cause muscle tremors.
  8. Excess mercury can interfere with your appetite, causing a lack of appetite.
  9. Excess mercury can also make it easier for you to have a heart attack.
  10. High levels of mercury eat up your body’s selenium nutrient stores, which then affects your immunity negatively, leaving you susceptible to both infections and cancer.

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