4 Foods That Affect Your Body Odor

4 Foods That Affect Your Body Odor

There is no greater faux-pas than walking into an important meeting right from lunch and reeking of body odor. Often, you won’t even notice the sickening smell seeping from your pores thanks to the meal you just ate. As troubling as it is, there are some foods that cause bad body odor.

Don’t let embarrassing situations due to food-related body odor happen to you. Here are several foods that could lead to embarrassing body odor after you eat them

Broccoli – While eating broccoli could be great for your health, it may be detrimental when it comes to body odor. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, as well as others like cauliflower and cabbage contain sulfur which your body breaks down into small compounds which tend to smell. Once these compounds are absorbed into the body, they are secreted in sweat, polluting your otherwise delightful body odor. Sometimes the foul side effects appear in as little as an hour after eating broccoli. Generally, the uncouth scent disappears within six hours.

Meat – Few meals are as satisfying as a nice, juicy steak. But that delicious slab of meat is also making you have a little BO. During digestion, the amino acids in red meat leave a residue in your intestines which when broken down by enzymes mixes with bacteria on your skin when you sweat and strengthens body odor. Since it takes meat longer to digest, it decays along the way and contributes to bad breath and body odor.

Alcohol – After you have that nice juicy steak, nothing will wash it down better than an ice cold pint of beer. But alcohol is another thing that may lead to some bad body odor. We all know the feeling after a long night of drinking – wake up hungover, still tasting the alcohol and it feels like every drink from the night before is seeping out of your pores. A shower helps, but you still feel the alcohol on your skin. The body treats alcohol as a toxin and whatever is not broken down into acetic acid is excreted though urine, breath, and of course, sweat. Those who regularly smell of alcohol may be suffering from alcoholism.

Curry – While the tastiness is often worth it, if you are ordering Indian food for dinner you better prepare to endure some foul odor afterwards.  Foods with strong smells, such as curry, onions or cumin, can make you start to smell just like them. 

While these foods lead to disagreeable body odor, there are also some foods that can help improve the way you smell. Citrus fruits, for example, are easily absorbed into your body leading to a pleasant scent. Other foods that have the same effect include cardamom, yogurt, cinnamon, peppermint, and even jasmine tea.

So don’t get caught off guard with bad body odor after a pungent lunch. If you need to smell good for a hot date or an important meeting, just avoid those foods until you are back in the comfort of your own home.

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