4 Ways to Manage Job-Related Stress

4 Ways to Manage Job-Related Stress

We spend most of our waking hours at work, so it is no surprise that much of our stress is brought on by our jobs. Job stress can often feel overwhelming and like there is no way out – we need to work to support ourselves, so you can’t just eliminate the stressful component from our lives. There are ways to manage the stress, however, and it could be the difference between a good and bad work experience.

Having too much stress at work can affect your job performance and your home life. It can even affect your physical health. And just because you can’t control your surroundings at work, you can control how you react to it. Check out these tips to deal with workplace pressure and stay in control of how you react to it.

1. Set a schedule that includes breaks

Nothing induces anxiety like looking at a long to-do list and realizing there may not be enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s ok. If you try to pull through and rush through everything, you may end up just stressing yourself out more. You will get home drained of energy and start to put off doing things for yourself and your family. If you schedule breaks throughout the day – maybe five minute here to take a walk outside, fifteen minutes there to eat a sandwich without thinking about work stuff – you will be fresher to take on your workload and way more prepared to take on your responsibilities in and out of work.

2. Talk it out

Many people get stressed out by a demanding boss. Once or twice a year it would be wise to have a meeting with your boss to talk about your job and what you think works and doesn’t work. Your boss will also give you some feedback that can help you grow as an employee. You don’t want to let the stress fester inside without saying anything – if you bring your issues to your superior you will feel better about your place in the company and will know that your issues are being addressed.

3. Cool down

When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a minute to breathe deeply and calm down. Getting yourself in a tizzy is not going to help the situation. Don’t react out of frustration to a bad situation – it may only make it worse. You want to respond to a situation with a clear head, and letting emotions get the best of you will only exacerbate a situation.

4. Priorities

It is easy to get bogged down in all of the minor day-to-day trivialities of the workplace. But the best thing you can do is concentrate on the most important things in your life and at work and focus on them. A bad day can suddenly turn bright when you take a step back and look at the big picture. Don’t let stress distract you from what is really important in your life.


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