How Breastfeeding Helps Your Baby, Yourself, And The Planet

How Breastfeeding Helps Your Baby, Yourself, And The Planet

Breastfeed your baby for just one day and drop 400 calories, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure he gets a little bump up in the IQ department. Yes, the benefits of breastfeeding are aplenty and the benefits go from you, to your baby, and out into the world.

As a new mom you have two choices when it comes to providing your child with sustenance. You can either feed your baby your own milk or with infant formula. Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits and therefore cannot be overlooked as part of a holistic approach to parenting. By breastfeeding, you're helping yourself, the environment, and meeting your baby’s present needs, all while connecting to your baby in a language that speaks volumes without the use of a single word.

1. Breast milk reduces methane gas production

Cows do provide a necessary service by providing an alternate source of milk, but the high use of cow’s milk, which is the primary ingredient in baby formula, means there are more than a billion cows on earth and these cows are contributing to global warming. How does the innocent cow contribute to global warming? Well, cows emit methane gases via belching and flatulence. Multiply that by more than a billion and we have a serious problem.

2. Breastfeeding helps decrease pollution

By breastfeeding your baby you are also decreasing pollution. In essence, breastfeeding means the product goes from the producer directly through to the consumer and yes, in this case you are the producer and your baby is the consumer. This means no pollution from transport and no pollution from packaging, both of which are great contributors to environmental degradation.

3. Breastfeeding helps you save money

Infant formula is extremely expensive. Mother’s milk is free of cost! Just make sure you’re eating a healthy diet as you supply the nutritious milk for your baby. Spending a little extra on healthier food for yourself is still likely to keep your costs down, as you were going to need to eat anyway.

4. Breast milk keeps illnesses at bay

Breastfeeding is of course one of the ways that moms can create an intimate connection with their newborns and that alone is enough of a reason to breastfeed. However, breastfeeding also helps you help your baby stave off a variety of sicknesses that can pop up in not only the first few months of your baby’s life but also in the years to come.

Doctors report lower risks of pneumonia, diarrhea, and colds among breastfed babies. Additionally, there is a reduction in the chance of Sudden Infant Death (SID) syndrome and long-term the risks for diseases like diabetes reduce significantly. Paired with the reduction in the possibility of illness is the increased chance of higher mental facility. Numerous studies have linked breastfeeding to higher reported IQ levels later in life.

5. Breastfeeding can help you lose weight

Of course you are not breastfeeding for selfish reasons but it doesn’t hurt that breastfeeding your baby helps you too. Breast milk is high in calories and when you feed your baby those calories you are in essence dropping those calories the same as you would when exercising.

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