5 Top Healing Methods That Ease PMS

5 Top Healing Methods That Ease PMS

When you have PMS, you don’t even like yourself! It’s difficult to be around others, and you can’t wait until your menstrual period is over with – for good. Sometimes you might even wish you weren’t female!

PMS symptoms come in all sorts of variety – anything from headaches, moodiness, cramps, congestion or swelling in the body especially the breasts, bloating, constipation, and anger outbursts. Thus, the key to eliminating them is to get to the root of the problem.

There are several roots of the problem. Lack of exercise is not one of them although exercising does seem to help.

Diet is the #1 cause of PMS issues, and toxicity within the body is #2. Once you begin to address these, the PMS goes away like magic.

Here are five top healing methods that will ease PMS and help get you back on track:

1. Do a colon cleanse one week before your period 

When waste matter in the body increases, so do the toxins. Let’s face it, you feel horrible when you have too many meals in your belly. Every time you eat, you are putting food into the body – what is coming out? If you don’t have a one meal in and one meal out pattern, you’re accumulating waste matter in the body.

A colon cleanse can help – and the best time to do it is before the symptoms of PMS start. Try starting the colon cleanse one week before your period, and then keep up good colon functioning with the one meal in and one meal out rule.

By the way, a colon cleanse formula may easily be found at your health food store. It’s a combination of herbs that support your cells of the intestinal tract so that waste matter is removed from the body regularly.

2. Do something daily for a liver cleanse

You could opt for a cup of milk thistle tea or chanca piedra tea daily as an easy way to cleanse the liver. You could add four dandelion leaves to your salad daily or take two capsules of dandelion root, milk thistle, or chanca piedra daily instead. You might even drink a shot glass of aloe vera juice daily with two meals as your liver cleanse. Choose any method but do something.

3. Eat three more vegetables a day than you are eating right now

Most people only eat three vegetables daily. If you increase the three to six, you are now doubling the benefits you get from vegetables. These foods contain medicinal constituents that ward off PMS. The more veggies you get in your diet, the better you will feel.

4. Opt for dehydrated fruit and vegetables (in capsules) if you can’t eat more vegetables

Let’s say you absolutely can’t increase your fruit and vegetables consumption any more than what you’re doing with regularity. What will you do instead since you still need the benefits? The answer is to take fruit and vegetable capsules. These are made from organic fruits and vegetables and six capsules a day can give you a good daily supply, so you never have to worry about not getting enough again. Your PMS will improve from this one change of activity.

5. Increase your protein level in the diet 

By increasing protein in your diet, you end up inadvertently decreasing carbohydrates and fats. This ends up improving your diet in many ways – better blood sugar regulation, better weight control, more energy during the day, better productivity, and clearer thinking all day long. PMS issues lessen with more protein in the diet.


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