8 Clever Uses for Vinegar

8 Clever Uses for Vinegar

Subject line 1: Vinegar: not just for pickling!

· Subject line 2: Vinegar's uses extend beyond the kitchen.

· Subject line 3: Vinegar: cheap and incredibly versatile.

· Preheader 1: Dust off that jar of vinegar in your kitchen. You're about to have eight reasons to use it all up!

· Preheader 2: Once you learn how useful vinegar is inside and outside your home, you'll want to buy it by the case!

· Preheader 3: From cleaning to ridding your home of pests, vinegar is the hard-working, multi-purpose miracle product.

· Snippet 1: You probably have a jar of vinegar in your kitchen. Soon, you'll want to keep one in every room of your house.

· Snippet 2: There's no such thing as a magic cure-all, but vinegar certainly comes close! You know you can cook with it and may know you can clean with it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Like flour, sugar, salt and pepper, vinegar is one of those staples that most people keep in their pantries. After all, just a splash of this pungent, acidic solution can take a recipe from blah to delicious. It packs a flavorful punch and adds just 2 calories per teaspoon. If you love vinegar for its versatility in the kitchen, hold on to your horses. You're about to be amazed and inspired by vinegar's shocking usefulness beyond the kitchen!

1. Banish Bugs

Make sure to keep a gallon of vinegar in the garage, basement and greenhouse. A one-to-one vinegar-water solution will kill slugs and stop ants. To catch moths, hang a plastic container that you've filled with 1 cup of vinegar, 4 cups of water, 1/8 teaspoon of ammonia and 1/3 cup dark molasses.

2. Relieve the Burn

When your day at the beach ends in a painful sunburn, gently dab apple cider vinegar onto your skin. Follow up with a light layer of coconut oil.

3. Create a Shabby Chic Finish

If you love vintage furniture but don't love paying high prices for antiques, make your own! Paint a piece of furniture, let it dry fully, then spray a vinegar-water solution onto the dried paint. Use a clean, soft cloth to rub the paint off (keep spraying the vinegar and rubbing until you achieve the distressed look you're after).

4. Prep for a Paint Job

Painted cement floors are all the rage these days, inside and outside homes and offices. Unfortunately, the paint usually peels at some point. Coating the cement with white vinegar and letting it dry before painting will help prevent peeling. This tip also works when painting galvanized metal.

5. Remove Rust

Vinegar's acidity is ideal for removing rust from tools, hinges, drawer pulls and more. Simply soak them overnight in pure vinegar to restore their shine.

6. Erase Pen Marks

Has your budding Picasso chosen a ballpoint pen and a wall as his artistic medium of choice? Redirect him with a fresh pad of paper, and then sponge off the masterpiece with vinegar.

7. Sanitize Your Microwave

You already know vinegar is handy in the kitchen, but you've probably never used it to clean your microwave. Fill a glass bowl with 1/4 cup vinegar and a cup of water and nuke it for five minutes on high. When the solution in the bowl cools, use it to wipe the interior of your microwave clean.

8. Fight Ice

In winter, spray the exterior of your cars' windows with a 3-to-1 vinegar-water mixture. This will help prevent frost from forming on your windows for weeks.

Vinegar's usefulness goes far beyond cooking and cleaning windows and shiny surfaces. Do yourself a favor. Next time you go grocery shopping, stock up on this inexpensive, hard-working, natural product.






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