Foods to Fight Aging

Foods to Fight Aging

There are a million different products out there that claim to help fight the signs of aging. No matter how old someone is, they always want to look a few years younger. There are ways to help fight aging signs without expensive products and dubious miracle creams – and it starts with the right diet.

There are certain “super foods” that have anti-aging properties, such as reducing wrinkles. While nothing can completely counteract the effects of time, these foods may be as close as we can get to a natural fountain of youth. While they won’t make you any younger, they will help protect you against disease and illness and even extend your life. Try these “super foods” to slow down the clock, even if it is just a little.

Blueberries: Blueberries have loads of antioxidants that are great for your body. One serving delivers more than you can get from most other fruits and veggies. Antioxidants are great in fighting the free radicals that cause wrinkles. Some studies have even shown blueberries to improve memory and slow neurological degeneration.

Beans: There is a famous rhyme that starts “Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart”, and it is true. A great source of low-fat protein, beans are also rich in fiber as well as vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Beans aid in hair growth and thicken hair cells by making the fibers stronger. While the odorous side effects of beans often get the most publicity, its health benefits far outweigh anything else.

Fish: Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acid contained in most fish, fish has become a go-to meal for those trying to fight against heart disease.  Fish such as salmon, herring and tuna all contain the important supplement. Studies show that people who eat a lot of fish tend to have longer lives. The American Heart Association says that people should eat omega-3 rich fish at least two times a week.

Carrots: Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which is essential for a healthy scalp. Eating carrots can lead to hair appearing shinier and more youthful.

Red Wine: Here is another excuse to have that after dinner glass of wine – the antioxidants and nutrients help prevent heart disease by protecting arteries and blood vessels. Red wine contains resveratrol, which may activate genes that slow cellular aging.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are always a great addition to any salad – and great for your skin, at that. The peels contain silica which helps boost collagen and reduce wrinkles.

Avocados: Avocados are great because they are known to lower blood pressure and improve skin health. Since avocados are rich in folates, they also help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and heart attacks. 

While time does not stop for anyone, eating the right foods can help you look and feel younger. Maintaining a good diet and fit lifestyle is paramount to a longer and healthier life.


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