5 Tips for Avoiding Common Gym Injuries

5 Tips for Avoiding Common Gym Injuries

Despite all of the fad diets and get in shape quick schemes, the best and most proven way to get in shape is still through hard work at the gym. But what happens when a work out goes wrong and you find yourself in pain due to an exercise?

Injuries while working out are all too common. There are many things that people do with good intentions that end up hurting them and stunting their workout program. The worst thing to happen when trying to get in shape is to get laid up and off your feet for a few weeks due to an injury.

The best way to avoid getting laid up is to take measures to elude injuries all together. Try these tricks to avoid getting hurt while at the gym.

1. Don’t go overboard

You may have just decided to get in shape and perhaps have had a long layoff from the gym. That’s ok. But don’t think you are going to be able to step right into the gym and lift like a body builder. The most important thing is knowing your body’s limitations and building your strength from there. For example, if you already know you have back problems try to avoid workouts that could aggravate those problems. If it has been years since you last ran on a treadmill, don’t jump right up to a six minute mile pace and exhaust yourself. You won’t get in shape overnight, so gradually build up strength and stamina to get the best results.

2. Learn proper technique

Many exercise related injuries are caused by bad form or poor technique. The body has very specific ways in which it is meant to operate. A few bad reps van wreak havoc on your muscles. The technical aspect of lifting weights is just as important as the weight itself. Study the proper way to do an exercise before adding it to your routine. You don’t want to hear something pop because of bad technique.

3. Get a trainer

Personal trainers are expensive, but if you want to splurge on your fitness getting a trainer is worth it. They are trained professionals who will know what will and won’t work on your body. On top of that, they will be able to help you identify and work around any pain you are feeling without causing any significant damage. If you can’t get a trainer, getting an experienced gym buddy to join you on workouts could also be a great way to avoid injuries before it is too late.

4. Warm up

Warming up your muscles before a workout is immensely important. Many people avoid the warm up as a waste of time, but the warm up prepares your muscles for the stress it is about to feel during the workout. Starting at a slow pace and building up is the best way to avoid injury. Most warm ups should be low intensity and high reps.

5. Stretch

Stretch out your muscles before working out helps loosen them up and after workouts could help eliminate soreness the next day. Especially when running, you don’t want to run on a cold muscle and stretching helps with circulation and pliability of the muscles.


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