Journey to a Healthier and More Positive You

Journey to a Healthier and More Positive You

It is very common today to overhear someone who is trying a new diet or looking for newer ways of fast and lasting weight loss. People often turn to frozen pre-cooked meals and pay more attention to calories then they do to chemicals; resulting in more weight gain and high loss of energy. A lot of times people see results but turn right back to their old lifestyles and gain the weight all over again. This is a vicious cycle that can have many people wondering where they went wrong and how they lost all motivation. What a lot of people do not know is that our state of mind is directly connected to our energy levels. Therefore, when we learn to balance the mind we can begin to balance the body more easily as well.

1. Changing your lifestyle

 When people hear to change their lifestyles they usually think it refers only to the types of foods they consume, but lifestyle changes are different from dieting. When you change your lifestyle you change the way you think; the way you respond to your environment. They best way to do this is by starting small and working your way into a healthier style of living. Make today the day that you tell yourself you are going to change. Positive affirmations are key when it comes to lifestyle changes as they remind you to stay on track. If you do not know what is imbalanced in your lifestyle then take the time to try and figure it out. Take the time to dive deeper into the root cause of the issue and then you pave the path to relief.

2. Drawing out the steps

It has been proven that everything seems a lot more complicated when it is floating around in your mind. When we write out our plans and ideas we can visualize them more clearly for a better understanding.  

The list may look something like this:

-Quit smoking

-Take up yoga class

-Buy organic produce

-Mediate in the morning

-Drink more water daily

These are just a few examples of positive lifestyle changes I have made in my life. Really take the time to draw out all the steps you need to take to be the healthiest possible version of you!

3. Ask for help!

 When changing your lifestyle you will discover that some changes are very easy while others seem very hard. This is normal and a part of the process that causes many people to give up and run back to their old ways. Most people who give up on lifestyle changes fail to ask for help and this is something that can easily be avoided. When you start to make this change be sure to tell someone you are close with about it and be sure that they will support you on the journey. Try to remember that the journey is what makes it all worthwhile, not the destination. Focus on the things you have changed in your life and maybe even document the results. This way you can clear your mind of clutter and see how much progress you have made along the journey to a healthier and more positive you.


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