Kick Your Bad Habit Once and For All

Kick Your Bad Habit Once and For All

Everyone has bad habits that they want to kick, but just can’t seem to get over. Whether it is biting your nails, picking your nose, or eating tons of junk food, there is no easy way to just stop doing these bad habits.

Some of these habits, like smoking, are due to addictive substances. But often these habits come down to mind over matter. If you put your mind to quitting, then you will be able to. This of course, is much easier said than done. Some of these bad habits are repulsing for those around you, and others are just downright bad for your health. It is time to stop just accepting these bad habits and instead make moves to better yourself and kick the bad behavior. Try using these tricks to finally get rid of your bad habit.

1. Determine a reason

Many bad habits are born out of two things – boredom and stress. Maybe you pick your nose or mindlessly munch on potato chips when sitting on your couch doing nothing. Or maybe the anxiety of a big upcoming presentation at work has you chomping on your fingernails while you pore over documents to prepare. Either way, the mindless habit is having an effect on your body while you don’t even realize it. If you can determine what triggers these habits, you can work towards stopping them. Take a step back the next time you find yourself indulging in one of these habits and ask why you are doing them.

2. Replace a bad habit with a good habit

Habits are a product of routine, so it isn’t easy to just stop them cold turkey. Your body will still be inclined to do the bad habit, so an easy way to wean yourself off of the crutch is to replace it with a good habit. If you mindlessly snack, keep healthy food in the house instead so you intake extra calories. It takes less mental effort to alter a habit then to cut out a habit completely.

3. Don’t go it alone

One of the best ways to kick a habit is to work together with others who are trying to achieve the same goal as you. It helps to have a support system who wants to help you succeed.  It’s not going to help kick the habit if you surround yourself with people who are still indulging in the behavior. Finding someone who share the same goals and is willing to work together will be a huge help to kicking the habit.

 4. Establish clear goals

If you set realistic goals for yourself, then it will make you feel more accomplished in your quest to kick the habit. You are not going to achieve your goal overnight, so giving yourself incremental objectives to strive toward makes the journey feel a bit easier. It is ok if you slip up from time to time – as long as you get back on track and are still ready to achieve your next level of your goal.


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