Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Natural Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

The hair loss prevention industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Unfortunately, many hair thinning prevention remedies are simply scams and do not work.  This does not stop the unfortunate soul who notices thinning hair and desperately wishes to reverse course.  Thinning hair can affect a person’s self-esteem very deeply, even to the point that a person will refuse to go outside without hair covering. 

There are some natural products that have been shown to reduce the rate at which hair is lost.  These types of natural products work because there is an underlying disorder which causes the hair loss and the natural products help treat the underlying disorder.  Vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems and menopause are all underlying disorders that can cause hair loss. 

Other reasons that people may start to see hair loss include using excessive chemical treatments on the hair or the use of prescription medications.  In the case of medically-induced hair loss, it is best to ask your doctor about alternative medications you could take. 

Foods:  Foods high in protein, nuts, seeds, eggs and fish all help promote healthy hair growth.  Protein will strengthen hair and the Omega-3 fatty acids in nuts, seeds, eggs and fish promote a healthy scalp and will reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. 

It’s also recommended to increase your level of iron, as anemia is a known cause of hair loss.  Iron rich foods include meats, oysters or spinach.

Supplements:  In some cases, higher levels of stress can cause increased hair loss. Supplements that reduce stress include chamomile, magnesium and fish oils. 

Other supplements that can be used to facilitate hair growth include Biotin, which is a B vitamin and capsaicin, which is a primary compound in hot peppers. Both of these components have some promising results in small-scale studies. 

Topical Treatments: There are some very unique topical treatments that have shown some success in helping the hair grow back healthier and thicker.  These include onion juice, garlic juice, sage, and aloe vera.  These should be used separately and not all together. 

Saw palmetto is sometimes recommended as it blocks the production of DHT, which causes hair loss.  Other treatments that promote healthy hair growth include rosemary, lavender and Atlantic cedar oils.  Heating the oils first and treating yourself to a hot oil massage can also create a healthier scalp that holds in the hair longer. 

Lifestyle:  Very often, females can cause their own hair loss through the copious use of products, hair clips, rubber bands and braids.  These types of hair styling products can make the hair weaker, which in turn means it will break more often.

 Accessories that are easy on the hair, such as fabric hair ties instead of clips or rubber bands are recommended.  It’s also recommended that users with thinning hair purchase products for sensitive hair and limit handling and washing of the hair.  Changing hair products to ones that are sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free can also help. 

In the case of stress-induced hair loss, meditation or yoga may make a big difference as well. 

Filter your drinking water! Today’s tap water is chemically treated before it gets into our glass.  Unfortunately, we use chlorine and fluorine to treat the water, which when ingested, can inhibit proper hair growth.  Add a filter to your drinking water to reduce this risk.  

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