Preventing Procrastination

Preventing Procrastination

We all have those sleepless nights where we are frantically trying to finish a report before deadline, all because we waited until the last minute to get started. Procrastination can get the best of us – why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? – but it is very rarely ideal.

The thought of getting an early start on things sends a shutter down some people’s spines. But by planning ahead and starting a project early, people can cut down on a lot of unnecessary stress. While it may seem like a struggle to force your mind into getting things done before the last minute, there are some tricks that can help you reduce your procrastination.

Make a to-do list: But only make it a list of things you have been avoiding; it defeats the purpose if you include things you were going to do anyway. Set artificial deadlines to instill the urgency needed to get the tasks done. You will start to feel a sense of accomplishment as you notice that list getting smaller and smaller.

Start with the hardest task: Often the list of things you need to do seems overwhelming. But once you get the hardest task out of the way, the rest of the list will seem like a breeze. Your productivity will suffer if you start with the easy things while the hardest thing is looming over your head. If it is a really big project, break it down into parts to make the project seem more manageable.

Get rid of distractions: There are a ton of excuses to NOT get something done. Shut off your email, log out of your social media accounts, and put away your phone until you complete your task. Distractions are everywhere and it takes a lot to totally disconnect, but you will find your productivity increase dramatically if you give your project undivided attention.

Find a good workspace: For some people, many distractions are found in your home. For others, working in a crowded area leads to interruptions. Finding a workspace that is right for you encourages a productive workday. It may take some time to figure out what works best for you, so keep trying different things until you determine your ideal spot.

Take breaks: If you find yourself only giving half effort to your work, you probably need to take a bit of a break to recharge. As long as you have the discipline to limit your break to a reasonable time period, it will be good to clear your head and refocus for the next part of your work. You don’t want to burn yourself out, so scheduling breaks is a great way to maximize your productivity and avoid procrastination.

Procrastination is tough to avoid, but when you really need to get things done, avoiding it is not an impossible task. Just follow these tricks and you’ll find your productivity increase in no time.


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