The Importance of Being Holist: Magnesium

The Importance of Being Holist: Magnesium

There is a nutrient out there that people don’t generally think of when discussing essential minerals for the human body. But according to The Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, a person with a deficiency in magnesium is twice as likely to die as other people. Magnesium is vital to the body, and its health benefits are profound.

Some of the benefits of magnesium include maintaining blood pressure at a normal level, keeping bones strong and heart rhythm steady. Magnesium also helps boost energy levels, so if you find yourself feeling unnecessarily lethargic and weak it could be due to a lack of magnesium in your diet.

One of the major health benefits of magnesium is its effect on osteoporosis. Mainly, several studies have shown that calcium supplemented with magnesium improves bone mineral density. Because a lack of magnesium can alter calcium metabolism and result in osteoporosis, including it in your diet can help one avert osteoporosis.

Studies have shown that approximately 68-75% of American adults are magnesium deficient. While magnesium may sound like a difficult and complicated vitamin to include in your diet, it is actually much easier to do than many think. The recommended magnesium intake per day for young adults is around 400 mg/day for men and 310 mg/day for women and 420 mg/day for men and 320 mg/day for women for adults over 30.  Here are some great ways to add some more magnesium to your body.

Food: The easiest and quickest way to get more magnesium is to eat foods that are rich in magnesium. Foods like beans and nuts are particularly high in magnesium. Vegetables may be the premier source of magnesium especially for the health-conscious, since you can get a large amount of magnesium into your system while ingesting a relatively small amount of calories. Leafy greens such as spinach are a great source of magnesium. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, one cup of dark chocolate will give you enough to satisfy your necessary daily intake of magnesium.

Supplements: When the diet isn’t cutting it, you can always count on supplements to satisfy your daily magnesium requirement. You can get most supplements over the counter, but take them in moderation as too much magnesium could have a laxative effect.

Epsom Salt Baths: A nice way to unwind after a hard day of work could also help boost your magnesium levels. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and Epsom salt baths are a great way to absorb the needed magnesium in through your skin.

Go for a swim in the ocean: If you live near an ocean or other salt water body, going for a swim will be great exercise and get you the magnesium needed. Since ocean water is rich in magnesium, your body will absorb the magnesium giving you your daily dose without any hassle.

So while many are focused on the more well-known nutrients, don’t let your magnesium intake fall by the wayside. It is easy to get and will help you live a long and healthy life.


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