The Top 4 Reasons You Need to Vaccinate Your Child

The Top 4 Reasons You Need to Vaccinate Your Child

There has been a lot of controversy in the news lately regarding childhood vaccinations. Some parents across the country are opting to skip vaccinating their child because of fears that vaccinations cause autism and other disorders.

This line of thinking has been debunked over and over. There is no real validity to the claim that vaccines cause autism or any other type of syndrome for that matter. The negatives for vaccinating children are almost nonexistent. The positives, however, are massive. Before you give any thought to skipping the necessary childhood vaccinations, take a look at these reasons why vaccinating children is extremely important to their health.

1. Prevent deadly disease

Quite simply, a vaccination can save your child’s life. There are plenty of diseases, from measles to rubella to polio that have taken the lives of countless children before these vaccinations were widely available. You may think that these diseases have been eradicated – we don’t hear about them anymore, so they must not be a danger to our child. That would be wrong, and dangerous. These diseases can easily be spread from people overseas who did not get vaccinated. So the most important reason to vaccinate children is to protect them from deadly diseases.

2. Protect those around your child

Vaccinations don’t just protect your child from these deadly diseases; they protect everyone around them as well. Even diseases that are preventable by getting a vaccine can be caught by others. Those at high risk include babies who are too young to be vaccinated and those who were unable to get the vaccine due to weakened immune systems from other diseases. By skipping vaccinations, not only are you putting your child in harm’s way, but you also are endangering those around them.

3. Vaccines are safe

There is a train of thought that since there are so many necessary vaccines for young babies, it will overwhelm their immune system. This is simply not true. A child’s immune system is more than capable of handling the large number of vaccines necessary. In addition, each vaccine has been carefully studied and tested for years by doctors and scientists to make sure that they are as safe and effective as possible for children.

4. Safeguard the future

It was not that long ago that Polio was an epidemic and infecting untold numbers of people around the world. Thanks to vaccinations, Polio has been essentially eliminated as a deadly scourge in America. Over time, vaccinations will help eliminate diseases so that our future generations will not have to worry about them. While you may have to make precautions to prevent certain diseases now, your children and your children’s children may not have to endure the same stress thanks to vaccinations today.

Don’t fall for false rhetoric when deciding to vaccinate your children. There is no debate about it – vaccinations will protect them and cause no long term problems. The importance of vaccinations cannot be stressed enough.

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