The Top 4 Superfoods You Need to be Eating

The Top 4 Superfoods You Need to be Eating

When it comes to your health, nutrition is the most important factor. Even with exercise, nutrition makes up 70% of the results you see! You know you need to eat well, but with the chaotic schedule you follow, it can be tough to get in all of your essential nutrients. If you want to boost your nutrient profile without having to rely on synthetic multi-vitamins or carry around a trough of vegetables, superfoods are the way to go.

What is a superfood?

A superfood can be defined by its above average nutrition profile. These types of foods are especially rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, far more than most ordinary foods out there. Most importantly, superfoods have a direct and positive impact on your health.

While the number of superfoods is slowly growing due to their popularity, some are all hype. Here is a list of the top 4 time-tested superfoods that are sure to be beneficial for your health while being kind to your wallet.

1. Goji berries

This Himalayan super fruit contains plenty of essential amino acids, which are needed for repair and recovery of muscle tissue. It also hosts a large number of vitamins and minerals that support immune function, fight disease, and improve brain-to-body communications. Best of all, they taste amazing!

2. Apple cider vinegar

While many are turned off by the word vinegar, there is no denying the amazing health benefits that ACV, or apple cider vinegar can provide. Used since ancient times, vinegar has long been around as a health elixir. It contains an assortment of vitamins such as B6, C, and E as well as important trace minerals such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

3. Garlic

That’s right: The thing that perfects your Italian dishes is a very well known superfood. When you eat garlic raw (I would recommend cutting it up and swallowing it like a pill to avoid garlic breath…) you are taking advantage of a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The benefits that garlic can provide have been touted by people for many years.

4. Honey

Saving the best for last, honey is one of the oldest known superfoods to have been cultivated and used by ancient cultures. It truly has set the bar high for other superfoods as it contains an absurd amount of essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Its impressive nutrient profile is second only to its proven medicinal benefits.

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