6 Unexpected Habits That Help You Lose Weight

6 Unexpected Habits That Help You Lose Weight

No matter what, getting to your healthiest target weight isn’t as easy as the weight loss market makes it sound. When you begin, it’s hard to get into a routine that might mean changing some important things about your usual lifestyle, like taking time out to go to the gym, saying no to your Sunday pizza order, and having to hand off your mother’s delicious double chocolate cookies.

When it comes down to it, dieting is hard, and it usually isn’t fun.

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take that can aid in your weight loss journey. Best of all, they have nothing to do with dieting or food. They are some simple changes you can make in your day that can burn a few extra calories and skip out on others.

  1. Take the stairs Do you live on the third floor of the apartment building? Did someone in the elevator get off two floors before yours? Take a few extra minutes and choose to take the stairs. It will take only about 30 seconds longer for each floor you climb, and you’ll torch calories and tone your legs while you are at it.
  2. Get a makeover. Your body is a perfect machine, or at least it is if we allow it to be. It keeps us alive and breathing, allows us to notice things and laugh at others, and it takes us anywhere we want to go. Our body wants to give us everything we want, so it is important to be good to our bodies. When you get a makeover, you inevitably get a self-esteem boost. You look great, and feel great. Focus that positive energy on wanting to continue the self-love and self-care. Even giving yourself a manicure at home makes a difference. Taking out more time out of each week to take care of yourself will motivate you to treat your body in the best way possible.
  3. Go casual. When you wear jeans to work, or anywhere for that matter, you are more likely to move around. This is related to your comfort level. If you are in clothes you are comfortable moving in, you will move around more, whether you are thinking about it or not. When possible, wear what makes you most comfortable. You won’t be sitting down to let your feet rest, and you won’t have to think about how walking up and down the halls with that skirt could chafe your thighs. Instead, you’ll think about getting where you need to go and doing what you need to do without thinking about how uncomfortable you are. You’ll be burning extra calories as simple as that.
  4. Play video games. Next time you get a craving for something you know you’ll regret, pick up a controller instead. It keeps you mind and your hands active, and will distract you from your food craving. Research shows that cravings last about ten minutes, so if you can outlast your craving by focusing your mind on something else, it will do so.
  5. Chill the room. When we are in ideally comfortable temperatures, our body relaxes and doesn’t need to work too hard to maintain its body temperature. Thus, it uses less energy. When we feel chilly, not only do our senses wake up, but our metabolism also increases. We make our body work slightly harder to maintain a healthy internal temperature. 
  6. Invest in new shoes. We’re not talking about new pumps here. Pick out a comfortable, stylish pair of sneakers that put a spring in your step. Your feet will thank you, and you’ll walk more frequently from one place to another without even thinking about it. As a plus, looking at your shiny new sneakers might even motivate you to hit the gym.



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