5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Doctor

5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Doctor

Your doctor is your closest ally in the journey to good health, but if he or she won't communicate with your or listen carefully to your concerns, you're better off going elsewhere. You're the customer, which means you don't have to put up with disrespect or poor treatment from your physician. Here are five signs it's time to find someone else.

1. Your doctor won't answer your question

Intelligent questions can revolutionize your care. By asking these questions, you provide your doctor with more information to diagnose you, while acting as a great advocate for yourself. If your doctor doesn't have time to answer your questions, you can't trust that he or she has time to carefully research your health condition either. Move on.

2. Your physician's advice is based on outdated research

Medical research can change suddenly and without warning. Twenty years ago, all fat was evil, but we now know that healthy fats such as those from coconut oil can actually prevent heart disease. If your doctor tells you something that seems fishy, don't shy away from researching his claims. If the consensus of the Internet suggests your doctor is wrong, speak up. If your physician can't give you a compelling reason why his advice is best, find someone who can.

3. You can't get a return call

Prompt communication with patients is a life and death matter. A doctor who ignores your medical symptoms or discomfort is a doctor who doesn't care about you. Getting timely responses to your questions can help you make good medical decisions and adopt healthy lifestyle strategies, so if your doctor ignores your communiqués, let him know he's fired.

4. Your health is deteriorating

Your doctor can't save you from a terminal illness, and some conditions don't come with easy solutions. If your health has gotten worse since you've consulted with your doctor, though, it's time to speak up. If your physician can't offer you a solution, is unconcerned by your suffering, or simply doesn't believe you, find someone else. There's no reason to pay for medical care that doesn't make you better, and if you're getting worse, this often suggests that your doctor doesn't have time to give you the medical care you need.

5. Your doctor won't recommend lifestyle remedies

To have good health, you have to eat healthy fuel and adopt healthy practices. Generations ago, we believed that lifestyle didn't matter, but we now know different. Exercise can prolong your life. A healthy diet can help you fight off depression and reduce your risk of cancer. And quitting smoking may be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. If your doctor scoffs at requests for lifestyle treatment solutions or insists that there's nothing you can do to improve your outcome, then she's simply not up to date on the latest medical research. Or perhaps she's too busy to listen or care. In either case, you deserve better. Find a doctor who understands that the way we live affects how we feel. 

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